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Adimo have developed unique add to basket technology and have partnered with major brands allowing them to promote their products more successfully online. Adimo has created a range of unique promotional tools tailored to beauty products, breakfast cereal, recipes and much more.

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Ongoing Design Services

Adimo asked us to provide ongoing design services, skinning and procedurally improving their products to meet the needs of their clients P&G and Nestle. We were regularly asked to develop conceptual work to accompany sales presentations and design updated versions of their existing product interfaces with streamlined usability and increased functionality.

exolab produced a number of campaigns for us for our clients that were delivered on time and to a high standard. Our clients were impressed with what was delivered and they were great when we had a couple of last minute requests.

Colin, Adimo

We combine data and creativity to optimise your online presence and take your brand to new levels.

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