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Good design combines branding with best practice and data driven assumptions to deliver a website that not only showcases your business but works well for users across a myriad of different devices and platforms. exolab is a design agency in Glasgow with experience across a broad range of industries.

Design projects often begin with an initial research phase. Using analytics data (if available), your existing brief requirements and open discussion we’ll help curate and develop a new streamlined site structure by creating user journeys and sitemaps. These act as a draft blueprint for your site and its various components and are likely to be edited and refined as the project begins to take shape.

Once we’re all agreed on the best approach, we begin either wireframes or mockups of the new website for approval. These are then fleshed out into a set of designs including unique key pages from the sitemap. We design iteratively so detail for less important pages will be agreed during the build and development process.

  • Web Design Glasgow
    Web Design Glasgow

    Our design approach streamlines content placement so users can reach the content they require in the minimum number of interactions possible.

  • Front End Development
    Front End Development

    We pride ourselves on our ability to create clean and optimised layouts in HTML and CSS wholly reflective of approved designs.

  • Web Development Glasgow
    Web Development Glasgow

    We build websites to be managed through open source content management system Wordpress, which is used by over 60 million websites worldwide.

  • Branding

    Stand Out From The Crowd with Unique Bespoke Branding

We combine data and creativity to optimise your online presence and take your brand to new levels.

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