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exolab brought a great eye for design and a simple to understand process to enable us to launch a great looking new website that really resonated with our customers. The positive feedback has been great to hear.

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We take a “mobile first” approach to design, meaning we show you a series of screens designed for small screen devices first alongside their desktop counterparts. All of our websites come with:

  • Modern Sleek Design – impress your visits on the first visit
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly – our sites look great across devices
  • Content Managed – update your website quickly and easily from anywhere
  • Fast – our websites load blisteringly quick, less than 3 seconds, keeping your visitors happy from the first load
  • Secure – all of our websites are secured with SSL certificates and hosted with Amazon’s secure server infrastructure with daily backups and more to ensure your site is stable
  • Conversion Focused – our websites convert visitors into customers and we have the stats to prove it

This approach helps to determine the most streamlined approach to content placement so users on any device can reach the content they require in the minimum number of interactions possible. Designs are presented using Invision, a system that takes flat image mockups and allows us to map them together into a demo representation of your final website so we can better demonstrate functionality and gather feedback from you.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is now an industry standard and with our mobile first design approach we try to cater first to mobile users and then to desktop and tablet users. This allows us to not only lay out each page in a way that mobile users understand but rework potential content and functionality to better suit those browsing via a mobile device. This means we can strip your website down to the absolute essentials and create a solid foundation to build on for the full desktop website. All content will still be accessible via the website on a mobile device but the ability to browse and access it may be significantly different.


Having worked with several public sector and charity organisations in the past, we also understand the importance of website accessibility. We aim to ensure that as many users as possible are capable of browsing the finished product and completing goals. We build web pages to W3C validated standards and W3C accessibility standard AA. Fields are provided within the CMS to add alternative content for embedded rich media on the website e.g. transcripts for videos. All website markup is written with screenreaders in mind, colour contrast and font sizes are checked to make sure they meet legibility standards and the website and related functionality will be set up to allow for keyboard navigation. We believe this covers the needs of a broad spectrum of users with special needs on your website including those with sight problems, colourblindness, limited mobility and difficulty hearing.

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Research is a huge part of what makes our work successful. We combine raw data and creativity to optimise your online presence.

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