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Why Test?

Testing is essential before putting a new site live to ensure it matches your users expectations and doesn’t have a negative impact on your current business. Setting a site live from a cold start is an increasingly riskier approach that can leave many users confused and frustrated. To overcome this we include users throughout the design and development process to ensure what is being built will please the user, not put them off.

A user centred design approach puts the customer at the heart of the design and development process. This ensures the final outcome is market fit and has a positive impact with your customers from launch. Testing is a key component in finding out what your users like about your new site and what could be improved before the site gets released. Key elements in this process are:

  • A full review of your current website analytics (quantitative research)
  • User Activity Lab Tasks
  • User feedback and questioning
  • User video analysis

Outcomes of this proven process are:

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Enhanced user attention and engagement levels
  • Increased advertising ROI without additional spend

Research & Persona Enquiry

We combine data and creativity to optimise your online presence and take your brand to new levels.

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