6 Steps towards a Highly Effective Website Promotion

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The objective of this article is to give you a solid grasp of the website promotion, but do your research before you go directly into a promotion using these 6 steps. Make sure that:

1. You are building the site for your visitors, not just for search engines.

2. You encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site than 5 seconds.

3. Your site has a great call to action.

4. The tone and language of your site is in line with the aspire of your audience.

5. The navigation, usability and features of your site all follow. Whether your website is a product or service offering site, make sure that it is not like the other sites, and the pages do something to keep you there.

6. The website contains a strong offer or free bonus.

Step 1

Identify your niche market. Your niche market is the visitors you are targeting, or who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer them.

If your business is to focus on housewives, use the main keyword for that market, or at least related keywords, and choose a domain name that is related too. Your keywords in your domain name help your website to start appearing in the search engine results of the first few pages. These first few pages are the best places to put your offer.

Step 2

Identify keywords important to this niche market or at least related?

In step one, you established the market and know what you are selling. This takes some research now but the knowledge you gain will pay in the long term. Put in some research into keywords your target market is likely to use. Your goal is to find keywords that give you the best chance of getting traffic that converts to a sale.

Step 3

Identify those keywords that your target market is interested in, and make a list.

Use My Google Keyword Tool or Word Tracker to find keywords that potential customers will use to find your site.

Step 4

Take each keyword and write an entire article about it.

Step 5

Compile it into a blog post, cross- Link each page of your site. Cross- Link to each of your keywords or keyword phrases. Plug every page of your website with the keyword the title of the page is based on, and a shorter description that is relevant to the page. Maximize your efforts by putting your keyword and description in the header of each page.

Step 6

The very best website promotion can be best achieved with the help of backlinks. 1000’s of backlinks can generate incredible traffic. Backlinks are also helpful to achieve the goals you have. A traditional promotion like article writing and submitting or placing a link to your site on similar sites is also common. Your site will be rewarded with visibility if you have valuable incoming links.

Once you have internal links setup, or if you need more high- elevational links point to your site from other authority sites. Make sure you keep track of all your links and update their content from time to time. Do not do a large amount of reciprocal linking too good, too fast. Search engines are becoming smarter and your backlinks are not what you need to attain your front page listing.

Go slowly. Do some research and become better than the competition. Ask your customers what they think, what they want, and get to know about their searches. Once you are sure your site is the best and has the discriminating quality for your target existing customers to come back for more.