Front End Development

Front end development involves taking approved finalised designs and creating mobile-friendly interactive web pages out of them.

This process requires a keen eye for detail and regular testing in order to create a consistent, balanced experience across multiple browsers and devices. We often test designs and concepts  in browser to illustrate their interactivity or how they scale for small screens. As such, it may occasionally be a good idea to return to designs if we discover something not quite working. We pride ourselves on our ability to create clean and optimised layouts in HTML and CSS wholly reflective of approved designs and visuals and ready for integration with a CMS.


Having worked with several public sector and charity organisations in the past, we understand the importance of website accessibility. We build web pages to W3C validated standards and W3C accessibility standard AA. All website markup is written with screenreaders in mind, colour contrast and font sizes are checked to make sure they meet legibility standards and the website and related functionality will be set up to allow for keyboard navigation. We believe this covers the needs of a broad spectrum of users with special needs on your website including those with sight problems, colourblindness, limited mobility and difficulty hearing.

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    Our approach to design combines an understanding of typography and form with information architecture to produce functional and engaging products. Design at exolab is multidisciplinary, meaning many of our creative staff are also skilled developers.

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