Fresh web design to attract a new kind of whisky drinker

Cutty Sark whisky is one of Edrington’s flagship brands, and the only one with an internationally-focused identity.

They needed a complete refresh of their online presence and an idea of how their new brand identity could be used on web.

The Cutty Sark brand refresh was about visually communicating a shift toward a new and competitive market, resonating with younger, more particular and image-conscious whisky drinkers. With European audiences being so crucial to Cutty Sark, the new site was designed to seamlessly accommodate the new multi-language layout, and support brand campaigns in key markets like Spain, Portugal and Italy. Edrington had employed a third party development agency to build the site, so we delivered a completed front end with assets and helped with testing, minor fixes and edits throughout development.

Social Following

Purpose of brand sites is to help grow social following, plans to integrate with instagram

Age Gate

Mandatory age gate makes use of new modernised branding

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