Pay Per Click

Intent Driven Search + Targeted Search Ads = Conversions

Find out what your potential and existing customers are searching for and target them when they are looking for your products and/or services. We are a PPC agency in Glasgow with a wealth of experience that can be proactive to the needs of your business and campaigns.

Exolab can place your Ad in the right place, at the right time, with the right offer and convert customers efficiently.      

  • Google Adwords Certified Agency
  • Data Driven Campaigns
  • Full Control of Daily Spend
  • Easy to Interpret Regular Reporting
  • Highly Experienced in Ecommerce & Lead Generation
  • Highly Targeted and Measurable
  • Target Users Across Devices
  • In-depth Competitor & Trends Data  
  • Effectively Scale to Other Territories & Markets

Pro-Tip: Don’t just stop at Google Adwords, expand to Bing/Yahoo ads for extra cheaper conversions

Exolab’s Market Proven Adwords Approach  

  1. Keyword Research & Customer Insight
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Landing Page & Ad Creation
  4. A/b Test Creatives
  5. Optimise for Further Success   

Our approach has been shaped over years working within multiple different sectors (e commerce & Lead Generation) and monthly budget sizes (£500 – £83k). Using our in-depth knowledge of the search landscape and your customer & product/service insight we can create campaigns that perform at an effective Cost Per Acquisition.

This approach has been so successful many clients now use Adwords as a core business ‘always on’ campaign, consistently gaining traction and new success. Seasonal and time sensitive based campaigns also work extremely well due to the flexibility of the platform.    


Re-marketing is a feature within PPC platforms that lets you reach people who have visited your site, but haven’t yet converted, then show them relevant ads across the web and when they search on Google.
This gives your site a second opportunity to gain a customer who is in the decision making process and has not yet committed to purchase or is weighing up competitor offerings. Giving you the advantage of staying front of mind when the customer is ready to convert.

The cost of running re-marketing ads is typically much less costly than other online marketing channels and is an effective solution to tie multi-touch point campaigns together. Even if your visitors come in from multiple different traffic sources re-marketing can target them.

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    The most optimised, accessible and well designed website in the world still needs to reach its audience somehow. That's where marketing comes in, pushing traffic to your site and generating leads and sales to make the most of your digital assets.

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