Email Marketing

Email marketing is so often overlooked but is a key component of any comprehensive and successful marketing plan. It’s such a key channel as you can almost guarantee your entire audience has at least one email address each. Combine this with the fact that it typically takes between 5-8 user interactions before a lead converts to a sale constant digital contact is essential to keep top of mind with your audience.

When implemented correctly, a strategic email marketing initiative can expand your conversation to your audience to a direct communication channel while building loyalty with your existing customers. Use this channel to educate, entertain and ultimately convert. Traffic generated through email often sees a much higher conversion rate compared to other channels and our experience can greatly enhance your current pipeline.

Why use email campaigns with Exolab?

  • Warm up cold leads through drip feed campaigns
  • Send offers direct to relevant audience segments
  • Keep top of mind with valuable consumers and potential customers
  • Use in combination with re-marketing to supercharge results
  • Track click right through to conversion

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    The most optimised, accessible and well designed website in the world still needs to reach its audience somehow. That's where marketing comes in, pushing traffic to your site and generating leads and sales to make the most of your digital assets.

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