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In the B2C market, people are always focused on increasing traffic. However, some thought leaders have stressed that B2B products and services receive higher traffic than B2C. The reason to this is that there are different levels of demand and competition in B2B and B2C markets.

What should an eCommerce merchant, or a B2B entity, do to drive more traffic to its website? If we look at SEO for B2B products and services, as well as content marketing, we can see how this can work to drive prospects and new customers to your eCommerce website. There are three main reasons why the B2C business environment is not as competitive as the B2B environment, and I will highlight them here.

Firstly, let’s note that SEO and content marketing strategies for B2B items are different than their B2C price competition. One of the main reasons for this is that these two markets are not as homogeneous in the type of products they sell, nor are they as large in size. You see, when someone is looking for a product online or offline, they usually offer a variety of options in terms of pricing, model, features, and the like. You probably would not buy a car without knowing about its reliability or flexibility, so it is no different with B2B prospecting. Typically, a B2C prospecting campaign will consist of marketing messages that tell a prospect to try your business, product, or service out. In contrast, an SEO candidate for B2B service or product offering may be hoping to turn an interested prospect into a returning customer. Therefore, there will be little incentive to seal the deal for an SEO candidate who hopes to obtain a new client.

Second, even though the B2B industry is growing at a much greater rate than the B2C marketplace is, the market itself is still relatively small as some would put it. This means that there are more substandard products and services being offered that do not create an opportunity for quality marketing. Although the industry as a whole, as well as B2B organizations, are growing in size, the sector still has a small size of its community, and therefore, it is not that competitive when it comes to marketing.

Third, like I mentioned, B2B companies are not very competitive with each other. The fact is that there are programs that offer AdWords optimization that see results, but the majority of the time, it is simply a waste of time. Why wouldn’t it be better to get a client in the first place with you through your SEO? Again, fact is that there are a lot of substandard products and services being offered, as well as ad campaigns that simply do not convert the traffic that they attract. This spells bad news for entrepreneurs trying to increase their business by investing in the B2B industry, yet the market still has a smaller size than the B2C arena.

There are three main reasons to seek out SEO services in the B2B market rather than the B2C world, and since this article covered the most common reasons why the B2B industry is not as competitive as the B2C one, the third and last reason I will discuss here just highlights this fact.

By focusing your internet marketing on a smaller market, you will be able to charge your clients a lower price for the products or services that you are providing. You can then finance your marketing expenses so you have the money to work on creating new products and brands that the customers in that market want, thus creating a much larger pool of potential customers.

With SEO for B2B, as well as content marketing strategies, you can work to drive new customers that simply would not find you elsewhere because they have no choice in the matter. The reason for this is that you are offering them exactly what they wanted, as well as the time of day and location where they wanted to buy it from.

As you can see, there are three main reasons why SEO for B2B is important for B2B companies. B2B companies make up approximately 5% of all internet commerce sales, yet their share of sales is still fairly small. By focusing on smaller, ideally defined segments of that market, and by dealing with a smaller customer base, your company can make many small sales that will provide efficiencies to your company in the long run. In a nutshell, reaching the right customers to make those sales is absolutely essential to the Long Term Success of your business.