Designing for Engineering Companies

Web Design for Engineering Companies / by Scott

The objective of our designing and development company’s website should always be to:

1) KNOW your target market. Know who they’re, what they’re looking for (do you have the algorithm to determine this), and where they’re looking for it.

2) DESIGN for the user first and then for the search engines second.Before you can design, you need to know your target market and then DESIGN for them. The first question you need to ask yourself (before you even start your sketching) is whether or not you are a techie. If you’re a techie, then you can do it yourself. For those who are not techie, thinking up the formula, the target audience, the audience feel, and thus, understanding that may be a better venue than or at least hard to come up with a formula. Cost can be such a consideration and a direct answer would be yes. The truth is, your design should be more about the user experience, the user wants to do their research immediately and gives in to impulse. When you design you and what you are trying to do, the design and workflow you devise should provide your customers with the convenience and the speed to find the information they want with very little technical technical capability on their side.

If you think your potential customers are not going to use technical search (or know that they use it on a daily basis), you most likely don’t have the viewer’s attention.

Before you can compete with companies in a variety of industries, you need to understand the search engines that interest your potential clients so that your SEO is relevant, that your algorithm can title target keywords, and that your implementation of a well-designed notational-based site will improve your rankings for the terms your audience is likely to enter in the search engines.

It’s a question of being on the bypass of the amazingments (and S&P’s) of the engines, intendsof the impact of the technology, and just say NO to the bottom-line costs involved in making it something that is in communication with the engines and, concurrently, allows the end user a simplicity to move effortlessly from page to page.

With emerging technologies and emerging users, the availability of tools and services that have the potential to measuring user experience will continue to increase over time.

One of our visitors has mentioned that this article is ahead of my expectations! This is a very accurate observation. The days to get into this business are gone. With Google, Yahoo, and them’s developments, search engines are closely linking search and user experience. If your engineering company is not applying these tools to their bottom-line, then you might end up behind the times.

Web site design is the first step, you have to master the tools later. Even though design is critical, it can only take care of 90% of what you have to do for the site today. Once you know your audience, you have the components of the design perfected. Once you know the sites of your competition, you know who you have to out do and this will give you the next step and your website will begin to drive traffic.

Once you have a website, you’ll have.

1) A way to send clients to your listings

2) If you cannot figure out how to publicize your listing, you will lose this segment of new clients.

For this you need:

3) An Internet Marketing Shopping Cart (keyword research)

4) Constant Stream of Leads (Google analytics)

5) A Listing Engine so others can find you

Once your site is functional, you have to optimize and work up to the few key steps above. If your website is optimized, the traffic should start to trickle in as of late.