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ecommerce / by Scott

Just because a website is aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t necessarily mean it is user friendly and will be successful in it’s objectives. A website should cater for both professionalism as well as aesthetics, as it only effects one of the two, and you need to appeal both factors by making sure it is cross-platform, search engine optimised, cross browser compatible and offers a strong user experience for everyone.

Websites act as a portal to your business; therefore you need to ensure you are developing a website that will work hard for you, and ultimately serve your business, giving you a firm position on the internet.

So what do you need to focus on when inputting design options for your website?

Ease of Navigation

It is important to be able to navigate your website properly, and people should be able to find their way around the website.


Your e-commerce needs to be able to work seamlessly, it needn’t rely on Flash to be functional, Flash sites take around 3-4 times longer to load than HTML-only sites and this can cause visitors to just click away from the website. Also Flash-heavy websites take a long time to load and can annoy potential customers by taking too long to load. Thus it is important to make sure you have the functionality to allow the visitors to buy what you are selling at the quickest manner possible, eliminate add-on and expectations and way forward and prevent unnecessary bounces of the browser


This is key to the usability of a website. Content needs to be easy to read/comprehensible in a small screen. Usually the decision is made after reading the content, not searching for the solution to navigate the website. In a way, they both work in conjunction with one another when it comes to a website design, you just need to make sure they blend well together.

ances of it working

You don’t want your website lacking any functionality if you’re planning on doing a lot of selling, so it’s important to ensure you have an effective design.

Sites become last resort ads

Many people now surf the net to kill time or gather information and websites make that convenient for them. Websites are now more than just a way to communicate, they are a major part of business strategies.


Flash sites have many ups and downs, it’s easy to do flash, but its very hard to do flash without compromising on the functionality. Websites need to be found, categorized, and Google so that visitors can compare what look so much like that valuable, click on it and then are surprised when you visit the fantastic new site.


Lets face it, people like clarity, information should be at a minimal and concise. If it takes more than a couple of seconds to absorb what your website is about, the visitor will click away to another website.


The internet is influential, and you want your website to be influential. Responsiveness in almost everything you do, from the bounces to purchases.


If your ranking is dropping U.S. is over 50% of internet users/members, so it only bares mentioning that video is now overtaking text for watching/knowing/being informed on the internet.

Website Design

Lets face it, no-one likes to waste time or pay for a website. It is a great investment however, if you are going to invest here, the best returns on your investment will come from your website. Make sure your site is swoosh design friendly.