Going Viral in 2021

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Viral marketing

Simply put, viral marketing is word-of-mouth advertising of a company’s products or services in which people pass along something to other people. Generally speaking, viral marketing involves creating a “buzz” or generating a “buzz-like” word of mouth and this could be in the form of talking with friends, family, business associates or in some cases simply sharing some content, report, video, etc.

Social media marketing

Through e-mail, video, blogs, discussion boards, newsgroups, forums and discussion emails, people communicate at the speed of light to connect with one another. To leverage the power of social media, it is critical for online business owners to launch some viral marketing campaigns.

The content

The key to viral marketing is connecting people who share a similar interest with the content that you are providing. Consider advertising your products or service through a social networking site and then gain a following by getting individuals to forward the email they received to their contact list, interested in learning more. If the email leads to a viable link to purchase your product and has a strong email signature, it can be very powerful in viral marketing efforts.

E-mail by itself powerful

E-mail is a powerful connection that is available to everyone with Internet access. It allows you to reach millions of people out there who share similar interests and fuel your viral marketing campaigns. Because e-mails have a huge deliverability rate, e-mail by itself is a very powerful viral marketing tool.

Forums and post boards

Participating in forum and post boards is another way to increase your online exposure. Some forums and boards will allow joinace links to your website page or others that will allow you to provide links to your website page. You can set up a log in as many forums as you want and then simply post your comments, questions and answers. Of course, you must include a link that will direct your readers to the key pages on your website.


You can also create articles that are educational or entertaining and post them online. When they are published without any changes being made, these articles can also have a link to your website, allowing interested readers to visit for additional information. In essence, your articles will act like little salesmen that advertise your business to their readers as well as drive a mass amount of traffic or leads to your website.


Newsletters provide you with another way to advertise your business to people who receive your promotional emails as well as other websites. You can use them to provide content on your website, so until they have subscribed, they can continue to view your website.

Web Host

You can also use various web host providers, such as Yahoo! and Google, and also your own website to gain some powerful viral marketing power. If you use a web host provider that also provides a long advertising message with each email sent, it will be effective in generating sales leads. If satisfied with the number of costs, you should recommend the program and your website, followed by an email that contains an ad or a small ad.

Sales leads

You will also generate sales and leads through eZines and e-zines. ARTICLE MARKETING,publishing and publishing how-to articles online is an effective way to generate sales leads and potential customers who want to know more. Publishing in an eZine or e-zine is a great way to gain your customers’ attention.

Article marketing with links to your website

Whenever a person reads your article and or finds it helpful, they will click on the link you provide, leading them to your website in order for them to learn more. This is one of the most effective ways to generate sales leads and drive traffic to your site.

You can create articles that are educational or entertaining and post them online. When they are published without any changes being made, they will also reach people who are interested in know more about the product you are providing them with.