Twitter Marketing and SEO Companies

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In part one of this series we discussed the basics of Twitter, as well as how a business can benefit from Twitter through listening. While listening is always the best and most important way to use Twitter to benefit a company or organization, it is merely the first step. In part two, we will discuss other tools, such as link building, that are available to businesses and organizations that have listening capabilities.

So, what are some of the other ways that you can use Twitter to enhance your SEO presence? Below is a short list of some of these services, along with the amount of users that are available.

1. primary direct links – tweeting about your company, product or service – these links are the best direct links and can be used to drive traffic to your website, blog or landing page.

2. Twitter card embedding – this is a great way to generate website authority. Even though Twitter is a micro blogging platform, it is still a great place to generate content and build authority.

3. twitter profile backlinks – this is another great way to generate authority if you have profile backlinks to your website. If you have product or service related tweets, products or services that drive traffic or help people solve problems, this is another great source of authority.

4. twitter followers – this will help drive even more traffic to your twitter account and into your website. In addition to this, it will help authority if you have lot of twitter followers.

5. Google alert – by creating Google Alerts for your company or product and having it email you updates when they tweet about your product or service. It is also a great way to find out what is being said about your product or services and direct the kind of media that is being done.

6. StumbleUpon – if you use StumbleUpon, it is possible to get your company and product pages listed on the first page of this social interactive engine. In addition to this you will find that StumbleUpon is one of the easiest tools in using that will produce a website link, blog comment or even a video that can drive traffic to your website.

7. Facebook comments – making comments on news and information posted on Facebook is another great way to bring new visitors to your website and brand. On Facebook one can basically write any type of comment and include a link back to one’s website.

8. YouTube comments – well this is a great way to bring in new visitors to one’s website. On YouTube one can basically comment for any topic, or simply make a comment in order to promote one’s product or service.

Once the above mentioned steps have been accomplished, the website owner can sit back and relax while the new visitors to his website are being developed.

At the end of the above we can say that authority websites are those websites that manage to combine both active and passive link building strategy with optimizing anchor text. In the pursuit of authority websites, website owners should and are able to reach the top spots on search engines for their targeted keywords.

In order to achieve this, website owners should always hire an SEO company that provides them with quality services, a lot ofurus claim that a combination of best SEO company and best Internet Marketing Company is what increases a website’s PageRank and a website’s search engine visibility and drives more traffic to a website.