Web Design Glasgow

Restaurant Web Designer / by Scott

Simply put, we do web design for companies in Glasgow and around the globe.

We first take the ideas for your product or service and the notion of a good salesperson to the next step. A great example is Marjorie.com. Marjorie was a spectacular website, set by a talented team of designers, marketers and developers. It’s untrue Marjorie was a small, students-run school, but it promoted several of Marjorie’s bestselling products and took over a big part of the national tech market. Marjorie was successful because she followed several guiding principles to the “T”.

One: Huge search engine content

Within a year, Marjorie’s website, attraction sites and online information became huge and so profitable that eventually it was sold to Yahoo for £250 million.

Although it may sound absurd to a new buyer, the whole strategy is so clever and masterful, in so many words! Marjorie did manage to get her principles to efficiencies to achieve that popularity.

Two: Maintain creative and unique design

Some call it “justify the use of reason to be fast” but we’ll think of it as “use design as motivated functionality”. A well-designed, logical design can be converted to a functional, effective website. This gives a gradual approach to what your product or service needs to; what kind of business you are; and how to treat your clients with the combination of design, content, and functionality.

Three: It’s not a ‘one-and-done’ deal!

I told myself something like it’s not worth a minute later to start on a project, when the next thing would come to mind. An effective website has a long-term plan, and every element of that plan needs to be scrupulously planned out. It’s sort of like taking a contract. If the thing’s going to be wrong somewhere, it’s going to cost more than investing $50,000 in a temporary website. How long might that solid business worth?

Four: – Managing a long-term website design process

This is a long-term strategy that can’t be just built and left there. It must be continually monitored, and rededicated services and research designed in to within a 24 to 36 hour time frame (and then, open to change the product or service).

a)INVENTIVIDE THE USER- If they get to the site, which affiliate program they used or generated, and then don’t click through one page, you’ll lose a visitor. b) KNOW YOUR CHASEstraffic needs to be closely monitored, where you can meet all demands of your online sales process, to include various sales criteria ( registers totals, surfers,95% visit)c) KNOW YOUR RESULTSBy reviewing and analyzing statistics, we know overall or specific goals. We monitor those criteria to determine whether or not your websites strategy is successfully meeting those goals for the daily and weekly reporting.

b)MAIL FOR FREE- Then you need to with this method the news or updates for your immediate audience for past, relevant news, activities, events, or potential opportunities. The reason behind this?You’re going to run a half shift of your time, and you will be spending money for that time, then get a report (in the first week or two) to review and update your web page content to meet delivery of accurate visibility of your business objectives. The $ hours/day commodities cost to you a potentially more than $1000 a month for maxed out web-server, storage and bandwidth costs or full time company staff.

c) MONITOR YOUR COMPETITIONWith this type of project and website, we bring in our full staff teams to help both in optimization and capability. We will prove out the best of technology in our minds by reviewing technology options to improve our ability to reach our targets. Just to name one. We will also forge an understanding of your opportunity.