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n the year 2004 my brother, who owned a bookstore, informed me that a multi-million website was being built in one of his books. It was a solid book, but as a single business owner, I had very little scale to compete with the big site, if I wanted to be successful. Not because I was too big to compete, but because I did not have the technical skills to make the site a success.

Also, when my brother tried to charge a partner to use their expertise to optimize the site I quickly become more and more skeptical. You see, the editor of the book said, “If you want to make money you have to charge.” I looked at research, but did not have the skills to do the job that they wanted.

In 2007, after the book publisher took out the failed book and sold thousands of copies of the original content online, I became more receptive to his story. He had built a solid site that was already bringing in thousands a year, and he had made the inner workings of the site so that I could reap thousands of dollars from them myself using the incredibly simple process he had outlined in his book. Instead I began to tire of the idea of selling the site for as much as $50,000 per year.

My motivation, to this day, is very personal. It was all about the idea that I would get the site off of the ground for $50,000.

Don’t get the wrong idea, sales of my brother’s book have increased over 500%, and their website has thousands of daily visitors and sales!

I will tell you that there are many factors that will determine your success, including:

My biggest concern about the potential sale of the site was about my financial investment and the chances of making a significant profit, and going public with that. I am the grown-up on the inside. I understand that when you see a conventional shop front with free Internet access, you make a buying decision about whether or not to take a walk in there.

I thought about this for a very long time. I took a mortgage broker course to help me understand commercial real estate. The guy is brilliant, but his approach is a “buyer beware”. After all, how can a seller get to the top of the Englestar dress store without having a great design or number of visitors to support it? I would never sell it without the potential to be much more profitable.

For several months I picked and chose where I wanted to be on the Net. It was truly a sweet situation. I didn’t pay for a “rookie attitude”. I didn’t care if it was the Centrum or the BIG G.

Web marketing is a whole new industry that does not require start-up fees or expensive consultants, and the cost to market your business is very minimal compared to what you can gain when you learn the skills to market your own business online.

For some of the most productive web marketing services I found, Elance.com, Guru.com and oDesk.org will all have sites for freelancers looking for work.

Ultimately, I finally decided that I needed to know html. Women may want to avoid the html, but the program skills you need to make changes to a website are already second nature to the savvy entrepreneur.

The first thing I thought about was, “I want to write an e-book; why don’t I write one?” I felt that I would be a “techie” and not be able to write the e-book, but with little training on how to do it, I agree that if I were to go through the process of writing an e-book myself, it would require that I at least know the basics of html, and it would become obvious when I gave it a boost in grooming it, but booking the books out toerencesative graphics of keywords where the ” expanded word” idea will turn in to you staring back.

Another idea is to build a site to sell your goods and services. If I had tried to do this idea first, I would have needed a fancy HTML course and I wouldn’t want to rely on e-books and only being able to sell online?

– Hybrid design

– Free design

– Purchase design

I recommend these two-

– If you want a professional design f

Web Hosting

The following sites are a great starting point:

For information regarding domain names and hosting; visit exolab.co.uk

WordPress – I recommend you start out by going to elance.com and looking at the webmaster work there. You will be able to find the quality in the work, if you can’t find one that fits your budget.